“On Drinking, Sleeping, Centipedes, and Marking Territory”

It has been some time since I have last blogged, principally because I have not been in Cambodia for some time, and then still because I developed somewhat of a busy schedule during the time since I last blogged. That said, for those of you who suffered through my lengthy musings on life (i.e. butter and beer) during my last venture here, I will assuage you in advance by noting that my efforts now will tend towards brevity (though I still make no guarantees that my spelling will be any better as a result). So, New Orleans.
After many months of an essentially unpleasant existence (school-induced), I was of course sitting at school with a very strong desire not to be there. I therefore messaged a friend of mine to see if he would be interested in a short trip to New Orleans before my departure back to Cambodia. He was, and so we went. In the three days that I was there, I believe I had a bottle of water. Everything else was beer or coffee (overwhelmingly the former). There was, in addition, a lot of jazz, time spent on boats, and a short trip to a Walgreens to buy baby powder for my friend’s chafed thighs (the combination of heat and walking was not amenable to him). In one of many discussions of the latter issue—essentially me making fun of his being pathetic—he noted that he preferred the word ‘chapped’ over ‘chafed’ because of “the inherent double entendre.” Because I nearly equal him on the nerdy/loser scale, I understood his point. Because I don’t equal him on the nerdy/loser scale, I said he was never allowed to say something so stupid ever again. He will though. I will spare you any further explanation on such matters. So that was New Orleans.
Now on to Cambodia. By some miracle, or more accurately some school-induced state of exhaustion, I managed to sleep for most of my flight from LA to Taipei, and then again in the hotel I got for my 11-hour layover before my flight to Phnom Penh. Hence jet lag wasn’t an issue. Life has essentially been low key so far, the only exception being a frightful shower incident in which a sizable centipede decided to take up residence in my poof, only to relocate to my chest while I showered. For those of you victimized by the blogs from my last bit of tenure here, you may recall my aversion to surprise visits by large bugs. So when I noticed this giant scar-shaped thing crawling and biting its way across my chest, I immediately employed the poof to remove it from my person. Unfortunately, in the process I tossed the poof into the toilet. That was day one. My lathering capacity has been diminished ever since. As an insightful Private once said: “So it goes.” On a more positive note, I pass a “Car Spa” on my way to work everyday, and the irony was not lost when I saw a dog run across the street to mark his territory on a tinted Lexus parked in said Spa. As an insightful Tech Sergeant once said: “It’s the simple things in life you treasure.”

Hope all is well with everyone.



2 Responses to ““On Drinking, Sleeping, Centipedes, and Marking Territory””

  1. Christy Says:

    I love it! Enjoy and be safe… C.J.

  2. Danny Says:

    Soungs like a bit of a misadventure so far. I hope things brighten up.

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